Bridge the gap at the gaming table

RetinAid Tabletop is a phone app whose mission is to make the immense world of board games better accessible for the blind and the sight impaired

This is how it works

Easy to use

Place a card around 10 centimeters (around 4 inches) from your phone camera, facing it and you will get a sight description.

Your game library

Build up a library in the app of the games you own. If you sell off a game, you can delete it from the library.

Quickly find a game

Start typing in the search field and your library list will instantly change to contain only the relevant game, or games.

Detection timer

To conserve your battery you can choose to automatically stop searching for cards to detect after a set time or when a card is detected.

Supported games

Retinaid Tabletop already supports hundreds of popular games and the list is growing.
See list of supported games.

Play with friends

Bring your friends to the gaming table whether they be blind or seeing. Let's work together to make the gaming hobby more inclusive.

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